The Gospel Art Gallery

“And Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and
proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”
(Mark 16:15)

Why A Gospel Art Gallery?

The following is a letter by Pastor Jim Odens introducing the art gallery:

Why is there a Gospel art gallery at Oakridge Community Church? God has worked in two ways to bring it about. First, He has led several artists to be part of our church congregation. When the Lord uniquely gifts such people and puts them together in one body, it is our joy to honor Him by providing a venue to display the work they and their colleagues produce for His glory. That was my first motivation for supporting the idea of a Gospel art gallery.

However, what made me truly excited about the gallery was my research and preparation for a sermon series on the Christian worldview. As I considered how such a worldview accounted for the arts, I was struck with three realizations: 1) creative art finds its origin in our Creator, 2) God is the first and ultimate audience for all art, with the spirit realm and the human realm being privileged to join Him as spectators, and 3) creative art has as its primary purpose the pleasure and praise of God.

Such an understanding gave me a big dose of enthusiasm for The Oakridge Gallery of Gospel Art. It reinforces and illustrates the truth that all of life is sacred. It provides a perspective and sense of direction that enables us to operate this gallery as an outworking of our faith in Him.

It is our prayer that the Creator and Lord of all will be honored, praised and worshiped through each exhibit and every work of art at The Oakridge Gallery of Gospel Art. You are welcome to view the gallery during exhibit hours whenever you are in the Stillwater area.

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